World Heritage Day is held annually on April 18, to raise awareness about maintaining cultural diversity around the world. The International Monument and Sites Day, or ICOMOS, was Established in 1982 by the International Council for Monuments and Sites. The organization was based on the principles laid down in the Venice Charter. It’s better known as the International Charter for the Security and Reconversion of Monuments and Sites of 1964.

The organization was established after a need to preserve these cherished sites was recognized. It saw experts from hundreds of different fields come together. Those include architects, builders, geographers, builders, structural engineers, and archaeologists. Every year they work to help ensure that some of the most beautiful sites and important cultural landmarks in the world stay preserved for centuries to come.

Since its inception, it has evolved to include nearly 10,000 members in more than 150 countries worldwide. Among these 10,000 participants over 400 are participants among organizations, regional committees and international science committees. They all working together to save vital sites and to find new ones that need to be added to the watch list.

In 2016 Gorham’s Cave Complex was added in the United Kingdom, Khangchendzonga National Park in India and Persian Qanat in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is through its members’ tireless efforts and leadership that those places will be protected for future generations.


Making people aware of their heritage and letting them know how important it is to avoid this heritage, diversity and fragile sites around them is the key motive. It is also important to raise awareness of this to maintain the heritage with different views at each time. Thus 18 April is now a statement for the annual gathering.

It is filling the hearts of the people with excitement to give their utmost to save their past belongings. Webinars, seminars, round tables, workshops, meetings, interviews, press releases and much more are the potential events human beings perform on this day. This is still celebrated by many people visiting their heritage sites. Many people often show their thoughts through poems, quotations, explanations, and for this reason design images.


There are about 878 heritage sites in the world, according to UNESCO, and they have outstanding importance in the universe as a whole. There are 20 heritage sites in the United States of America out of those 878 sites. India also boasts 38 World Heritage Sites that have been observed by 30 different cultures, and one is by mixed criteria. With that number, India has now become the sixth-largest number in the world to feature World Heritage Sites.

THEME 2020

The focus of World Heritage Day 2020 is shared history, shared patrimony and shared responsibility. More relevant now, this theme is an illustration of global solidarity with the ongoing global Coronavirus epidemic. The concept behind the theme is the appreciation and importance of heritage sites of all forms through various classes and communities.