With time, the place of nail trends in fashion dictionary is becoming very important. This is the reason why the best manicures and nail art are becoming an important part of the lifestyle of a trend-conscious girl. Now no one wants to compromise in this segment. According to designers, nail care will be an important part of grooming this winter. Here are some trends in nail care

Length of Nails

This time the practice of keeping the length of the nails slightly higher than the fingertips. You can also keep them a little longer, but in this case, you have to take special care of nail polish. Also, the lower length of the nails is also linked to hygiene.

Nail Shape And Designs

Last year was the most popular square (Square) in the shape of Nails. Nails of Square Shape were seen flaunting the most Bollywood actresses. But this time the trend has changed. This time the trend of keeping the shape of the nails natural will be in trend. File with the filer according to the natural shape of your nails.

Different Types of Nail Shapes

Nowadays, our nails can be filed into many different shapes. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult for you to choose that one size. Nevertheless, we will look into every style to help you choose.

1. Round Nail Shape

Round Nail Shape

For women on the move, it is very simple to cut their nails short. A classic way of style is to keep it in round nail shape. This type has straight sides, however, which curves at the corners to suit the shape of your fingers.

2. Square Nail Shape

 Square Nail Shape

If you prefer to keep your nails medium or long length, then you can opt for square nail shape. With the square shape, you will see that the type is flat at the top with straight-edged corners.

3. Squoval Nail Shape

Squoval Nail Shape

The squoval or square oval is the nail shape you choose if you love the square shape, however, dislike the edged corners. With its fashionable shape and soft corners, this type is a great option.

4. Almond Nail Shape

Almond Nail Shape

Women with short fingers can make it look long and thin by opting for the size of an almond nail. However, to achieve this flattering style your nails will require substantial filing. Some nails will be too weak to bear this structure and may break. Thus, you will find a lot of almond-type nails that complement acrylic.

5. Oval Nail Shape

Oval Nail Shape

Oval and round are two different shapes. When it comes to nails, this nail shape is more intense and is highly suitable for women with full but thin nails. Similar to the shape of an almond nail, the oval type enables your fingers to look extremely slim.

6. Stiletto Nail Shape

Stiletto Nail Shape

The pointed tips of the stiletto nail shape help the short fingers to lengthen. Despite this, with its adequate base and blunt tips, some people view it as cumbersome. On the other hand, if you feel that this type suits you, then, by all means, file away!

7. Ballerina Nail Shape

Ballerina Nail Shape

Those who are up-to-date with current trends will know this next type as Kylie Jenner‘s trademark nail shape. Essentially, the Ballerina or oftentimes called Coffin nail shape is the Stiletto type, however, marked with a square instead of a blunt tip.

8. Lipstick Nail Shape

Lipstick Nail Shape

Next Shape on our list is lipstick nail shape. Women looking for a unique nail style will surely like this unusual cut. Like your favorite shade, this squared nail style is slanted for a seriously unique nail shape.

9. Edge Nail Shape

 Edge Nail Shape

An unconventional alternative to the classic stiletto style is Edge Nail Shape. This type is basically stiletto, however, with a minimally invasive blunt spot. It may be, although the style is elegant, it is the best size for special occasions.

10. Flare Nail Shape

Flare Nail Shape

Meanwhile, our next form Flare Nail Shape is also known as the Duck Bill shape, since its broad shape mimics a Duck Bill. Surprisingly, although this type is very popular, many nail technicians avoid this type because the shape of the nail is difficult to achieve.

11. Mountain Peak Nail Shape

Mountain Peak Nail Shape

Now, if the Ballerina is Kylie Jenner’s characteristic nail form, the Mountain Peak, on the one hand, is Lady Gaga’s favorite style. This type of nails is also the Stiletto, although a little shorter, so it is much easier to use.

12. Arrowhead Nail Shape

Arrowhead Nail Shape

This nail shape type replicates an arrowhead. To create its V-shaped point, file the straight sides to produce the sharp tips. Since this will require immense nail filing, remember to apply nail strengthener to keep your nails strong and healthy.