My last post on titled 5 Best Tips you should answer the questions during the interview. A number of people asked me more questions on the subject. I thought to write this follow-up post to address some more points, so here I am sharing 6 more tips for a great job interview.

Some Tips that Help you in Interview

1.      Be Punctual

If you get late, no excuses will be accepted. Arriving on time or before time is essential to show your value for time. I recommend arriving a bit early to settle down. Ideally, if you do not know the address location, a visit a day before the interview is desirable. Arrive early, acclimatize yourself, control our breath and relax.

2.      Be Prepared

  • Prior preparation prevents failures. Ask yourself:
  • Do I need to take copies of your resume, work samples, portfolios etc?
  • What are some possible questions I should expect?
  • What do I know about the organization?
  • Write your thoughts on a piece of paper so that you remember those.

3.      First Impression is the Last Impression

Do not show your grin or depressed face. Relaxed and smiling face will improve the chances for receiving a good response. Get eye contact with sparkling eyes. Create this first impression to last. And no one likes to work with depressed people!

4.      Stay Confident, Focused, Honest, Precise and Optimistic

As the interview progresses, stay focused on your facial expressions. If you don’t know something, accept. No need to make-up a response. Now that you are already prepared, you have the opportunity to showcase your talent, sills, knowledge, expertise and experience with honesty and credibility. These are the best tips for any job interview.

5.      Ask intelligent Questions

Asking shows your intelligence. Remember, as soon as you get the opportunity to ask a question, jump on it. My recommendation is to ask technical questions such as, what is the age of your plant, what is your expansion plan etc. Intelligent questions help employers judge the interests in the job.

Prove your worth!

6.      Why would you be hired?

Focusing that you will have to prove yourself as the only solution provider among the rest of the candidates, keep thinking about the most powerful response. In a subtle way, this is what you will have to do in your interview. Prove your worth!